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All Things Handwriting was founded by Dr. Donna Whipple, clinical psychologist.  Dr. Whipple became interested in handwriting analysis when she came across it while researching European personality tests.  While she does not use handwriting analysis in her professional psychology practice, she certainly brings a depth of psychology knowledge to her observations of the graphic gesture.   Dr. Whipple likes to do engaging talks on a wide variety of topics related to handwriting.

As a lifelong genealogy buff, Dr. Whipple is working on honing her skills in understanding scripts of different countries and times.  When she joined Ancestry.com, she found out she was related to The White Queen, Elizabeth DeWydeville.  Henry VIII would have been her 3rd cousin.  This lends a bit of flare to her presentation of the handwriting of: Henry VIII and his Wives.

Dr. Whipple is a Certified Graphologist through the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation and is Certified as a Cursive Coach by the New American Cursive Penmanship program.  She has served as a judge for the national Cursive is Cool contest.  Dr. Whipple served for over five years on the Board of Directors as the National Ethics Chair of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation.  She is the President of the New England Society of Handwriting Analysts.  Dr. Whipple has been a featured speaker at local, regional, national and international handwriting analysis conferences and conventions.

Dr. Whipple is also interested in disorders of handwriting (dysgraphias) as well as journal writing, shorthand writing and pens.  She admits that she is a bit of a pen hoarder.