Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is the study of graphic movements on paper and it has been used for centuries.  Handwriting analysis is unique in that it is a technique that can reveal things about a person that you have never met or that is no longer on this earth.

Imagine being able to look at a letter written by your great grandparent and be able to detect dozens of features about their personality.  What if you could look at someone’s writing and determine whether or not they would be a good match for you, either as an intimate partner or co-worker, or even your boss?

Handwriting analysis is both an art and a science. This powerful tool has been used in industry, business, medicine and European psychology for decades.

It takes many years of training to be able to master this technique, however, working with someone trained in this area, there is a lot you can learn in just a short time.

Services and Reports:

  • Bullet-Point Analysis: Provides an overall picture of yourself, or your ancestor.  This short checklist style report details the main personality features that can be detected from the writing sample.
  • Expanded Analysis: Find out even more about yourself, or your ancestor with our multi page report detailing many personality features.  This report goes into greater depth about the person than the Bullet-Point Report.
  • Gift Certificates:  Perfect for Genealogy Buffs!  For the person who has everything, either of the above reports can be given as gifts.  For example: Give your favorite family history buff a gift card to analyze the old letter of their choice. This would make a great raffle item at a genealogy convention, or fundraisers other events such as milestone birthdays.

Our gift certificates and reports are attractively packaged in a folder suitable for gift giving.

How to prepare a handwriting sample:

If you are interested in the analysis of an old letter you can either mail the original or email us a high quality photo or scan. If you know it, please tell us the age, gender and country in which the person learned to write.

If you are preparing your own sample for analysis please write a one page letter on unlined paper on any topic that you like.  Please start the letter, Dear Donna, and write on any topic you like.  Please write a full page.  Please do not copy text from a book.  It should come from your own mind.  Please also sign the letter.

All originals will be returned with the report.

Disclaimer: HWA reports are not psychological reports and are in no way to be considered a psychological service.  The handwriting analysis reports are based solely on the features of the handwriting in the particular sample examined.  They are in no way intended to be viewed as psychological reports, psychological advice or psychological services.  They may not be used for legal purposes.